Monday, October 10, 2011

Violet Adele's Freebirth Story (10-07-11)

Thursday morning started with me waking up to more bloody show. I had some 2 days earlier, along with losing my mucus plug. I had some random contractions throughout the day that caught my attention but nothing too strong to make me think labor was soon.

After cooking a hearty steak dinner I put Lucy to bed. Later I randomly told Eddie that I was going to have a baby by this weekend. I just felt so "weird". I knew labor had to be close, I just didn't think it was going to be THAT close. He feel asleep right away and I stayed up watching Mythbusters. It was getting late so I decided to lay down and try to fall asleep even though I was barely tired. About five minutes after laying down I was hit with an intense contraction. I was relaxing and breathing through the contraction when I felt a "POP". It was so strange, it was like a shock wave! I completely froze at that point because I was honestly scared to move. I really didn't want my water to have broken so I was searching my brain for other possible things that could cause such a feeling. Like, did the baby just give me some kind of super hard kick? Then I felt another contraction coming which caused the fluid to start leaking out. I said out loud "OH SHIT" as I jumped out of bed, which immediately woke Eddie asking what was wrong. I told him my waters broke and that he could go back to bed if he wanted because it might be awhile. Of course how could he sleep after that so he got up and started prepping the room for the birth. I looked at the clock, it was a little after 1 am. I put on a pad and laid back down in bed to start timing a few contractions.

I figured since Lucy's birth had started in a similar fashion, I should have a baby by 8am. Little did I know what a mistake making that comparison would be, this wasn't going to be anything like Lucy's birth! Contractions started immediately, about every 4 minutes, lasting a minute. They were INTENSE. Like whoa. I did my best to stay laying on my side but that wasn't working. Laying down HURT. In fact, everything I had done to cope with the contractions during Lucy's birth was NOT working for me during this one. Breathing through contractions wasn't cutting it either, I ended up vocalizing through them instead. I walked around the house, sat on the toilet, sat on the birth stool, squatted on the floor. I couldn't stop moving or the pain was too intense. At one point I got out my fetoscope to listen to the baby's heartbeat, I found it right away and it was nice and strong. That brought me a lot of peace as I had a little worry about how much fluid I was leaking and maybe the baby no longer being engaged causing a possible cord prolapse.

At around 3 am I needed to get in the shower. I was trying so hard to hold off because I still thought birth was 4-5 hours away. The shower was amazing! I stood hanging on the shower bar with the water pouring down my back. I don't know how long I stayed in the shower but at one point I got out and sat on the toilet. I eventually made my way back into the bedroom to sit on the birth stool.

This is when things got really intense and I started to get super discouraged. I looked at the clock and it was only a little after 4 am! Contractions were coming on top of each other now and relaxing through them was becoming very difficult. I had a lot of pressure in my bottom but no urge to push. So I waited and continued moving around hoping that the urge to push would come earlier than I had orignally thought. I was already starting to freak out a little because I didn't see how I could make it to 7 or 8 am like this! In hindsight I think this might have been transition because I definitely hit a wall where I didn't think I could handle this anymore.

Sometime before 5am, maybe 4:45?  I got back in the shower. I wasn't in there for long before it became obvious it wasn't going to do anything for me. The water wasn't helping with the pressure or pain. I started having some intense pain in my legs with every contraction. I was no longer relaxing with my contractions, in fact I was running away from them! I thought I should check myself to see if birth was close but I couldn't feel anything in there. So very discouraging.

At this point I have no idea what time it was but I decided I would get out of the shower and sit on the birth stool and try pushing gently with a contraction and see if anything happened. I immediately started to feel relief when pushing with the contractions. I had no idea if this was a good thing to be doing but it just felt right so I went with it! After making myself push with a couple contractions the urge to push hit me and my body took over. I could no longer NOT push! Eddie went to get a mirror and a flashlight(yes, he had a flashlight, this totally made me laugh), he took a look and said "I see a head!" to which I replied "really?!" and looked for myself and said "oh thank god!". The head slowly moved down with each contraction until I hit the "ring of fire", as they call it. I moved off the birth stool and squatted on the floor, trying to breath through the contractions to allow myself time to stretch. WOW was that difficult! I didn't realize how incredibly hard it is to not push when the urge is so strong. My body was bearing down all on its own!

I remember saying to Eddie that the baby was coming or the head was coming, something that was completely obvious! He had a towel and asked what he should do, I said "nothing". Shortly after that the head came out and the body came with it, right into my hands! I placed the baby on the floor for a second to look her over before quickly picking her back up. She was crying right away and she was indeed a she! I said "you're a girl!", which we already knew but it's always good to be 100% sure! Eddie took a couple pictures and started taking a video when we noticed the time was 5:42am, so we guessed 5:40am was the time of birth.  Then he ran, literally, to get Lucy and wake her up to meet her new baby sister. (which we caught all of video tape!)

Then we called my parents to tell them they could come over now. The plan was for them to come immediately after the birth in case we need help with Lucy, and honestly I wanted my mom to make me some breakfast! It was after 6 am now and we decided to cut the cord. It was longer than Lucy's had been but it was still bothering me and I thought it would be easier to squat over the bowl to deliver the placenta without holding the baby. Eddie clamped and cut the cord, then he took the baby for me. I squatted and gave a little push and the placenta came out with ease. My bleeding was looking good so I sat on a clean chux pad on the couch and nursed the baby.

My parents showed up after that and everyone chatted about the birth and doted over the baby. Ed made a bunch of phone calls, he was on as much of a birth high as I was! The baby was still nameless at this point so we were all throwing around the names we liked, Stella and Violet were the main two. I wanted to get cleaned up so I gave my mom the baby and took a quick shower. After I got out Eddie said he wanted to name the baby Violet and I asked if he was sure because we originally thought it would be Stella Rose. He said he no longer liked Stella. I said Violet was great *if* her middle name could be Adele! After a short pause he agreed and yay, Violet Adele it was!

Finally we tried to weigh her, which apparently we did completely wrong because we got 6 lbs 7 oz and when we weighed her the next day it was 6 lbs 14 oz. Awesome huh? So we are going with, 6 lbs 14 oz and 19 inches long! Everyone hung out a little longer. My mom made us some breakfast & helped clean up everything before leaving with my father. It was absolutely perfect.


  1. Inspirational. Amazing. Beautiful. I could keep going. Great job mama! She is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations!

  2. what a beautiful story, and pictures! you are SO brave. also, i have a question i was wondering, if its a home birth do you have to take her somewhere to get her birth certificate and stuff? how does that work. im so fascinated by this! ahhh im so proud of you! youre such an inspiration.

    also, i have that same red towel, from ikea? :)

  3. Oh Toni. This made me cry. Absolutely amazing! Good job BFF <3

  4. I know I told you on twitter but again I will say you are super woman!! What an incredible story! LOVE the pics! She is amazing. Congrats again mama..

  5. What a beautiful birth story! The smile on your face in the first picture is priceless. How perfect. :)

  6. Jill- Yes we have to take her to the County Clerk office to register her and apply for a birth certificate! We had to with Lucy as well because it was an out-of-hospital birth. It's a PITA but you have to do it in person and bring the baby as "proof". Lol And YES we just got those towels at IKEA! :)

  7. Wow, just amazing! You're so good to have thought of the speed of pushing; that didn't even cross my mind : ) I am thrilled that everything went perfectly!! So, so happy for you guys! xo

  8. Toni, what an awesome story! I'm sorry you're closing your blog, but so happy you left with such a beautiful birth story. ((hugs))