Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Pregnancy: Week 25

How Far along? 25 weeks!

Size of the baby? about 13 1/2 inches, head to heals and weighing around a pound and a half! As baby center describes, the weight of an average rutabaga:

Any new symptoms? no new ones. But I have noticed these giant veins running down the side of my belly and all over my chest and boobs. Crazy looking!

What are you craving? pickles. I am back to craving pickles hardcore, it's bad y'all.

Total weight gain? 10 lbs!

Baby Bump? oh yaaaah

Movement? yes and I'm pretty sure baby is in a breech position based on the movements. Not 100% sure if it's butt down or head down, but I know the baby is no longer transverse(as of now).

Gender? Girl!

Nesting? A little nesting this week. Trying to organize all the new baby items we've gotten.

Sleeping well? Why yes I am. My back pain has been like a million times better. Wondering if it had anything to do with the position the baby was in. Hmm.

Buy anything for the baby this week? YES! I bought 2 adorable newborn fitteds from Heavenly Blessings. Also bought 6 used Rumparooz OS diapers from a twitter friend and she threw in a newborn fitted with cover as a gift for Ruby! So sweet!

What are you looking forward to? Putting all these itty-bitty diapers on my new baby. :)

What are you enjoying the most/least about being pregnant this week? Enjoying feeling great and in good health. I was feeling like crap for the last 2-3 weeks! Not enjoying the anxiety I'm having because of our upcoming plane flight. I really hate flying and it pisses me off I'm flying while pregnant with my miracle baby. I can't help but be nervous about it. :-/

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Birth Story of Lucille Marie (02-02-08)

It was 10 days past my due date. On Friday night, my husband and I went out to dinner with my parents. The whole time we were at dinner I kept having to run to the bathroom to "pee", I was having these really intense contractions, which I assumed were just braxton hicks, and I thought the pressure was making me pee my pants a little. Well I had no idea my water had broke and that was what this liquid was.

When we got home I took off my dress, I wanted to check out what was going on, I was starting to wonder if it really was pee, right then a small gush of water trickled down my legs. I was so excited, I wrapped a towel around me and waddled into the living room to tell my parents and husband. I didn't call the midwife right away, I laid down first because I wanted to time my contractions. They started right away and were about 10 minutes apart. Around 9 PM I paged the midwife and waited for a call back. I was so happy when I learned that my favorite midwife, Amber, was on call that night. She was already at the birth center with another woman in labor, Amber told me to lay on my side and call her when my contractions were closer together. I laid in bed until the contractions became very strong, I don't know exactly how close together they were(maybe 3-5 minutes?) because I wasn't counting anymore, I was in "laborland". At 12 AM we called and said we were ready, she was very surprised and thought I wouldn't be in so quick, she asked me to come in an hour and the room would be ready. I didn't mind because I honestly wasn't looking forward to the car ride anyway. We hung out for about 45 minutes and then we left. When we got there it was a little after 1 AM and my contractions were about every 2 or 3 minutes. She checked me and said I was 6 cm! yay!

I was planning on having a water birth, the birth center has a nice tub. But the down side is there is only 2 rooms at the birth center and no guarantee you will get the one with a tub. And because a woman was already in labor, I did not get the tub room. They do have a birthing pool but it was being stored at someone's house a couple hours away, and it was the middle of the night, but I was going to have this baby before the pool would even arrive, let only be filled with water.

So I took a shower! Which felt amazing, but made my contractions much more intense because I was standing. So I got out and sat on the toilet, which is where I stayed until I felt an urge to push. I was in a lot of pain by now and I was trying to continue relaxing though my contractions, which was not working anymore because my body did not want to relax, it wanted to push. I told my husband Ed (who was by my side making me smile and laugh throughout my whole labor. Best husband ever!), that I could not do this anymore. He said we should go to the bed and have the midwife check me. She did and I was complete. 10cm and ready for pushing!

I started pushing on my back, which the baby wasn't liking, so I turned on my side. Pushing on my side was much more comfortable. Pushing was the most painful part for me, I was thinking it would be more relieving but it hurt so bad! I pushed for about 10 minutes and she started crowning, I reached down and touched my baby! I continued pushing with a couple more contractions and at 2:45am, on February 2nd 2008 her head popped out, the rest of her came too! She kind of flew out all at once while splashing water all over my poor midwife and her assistant. Ed helped catch her and put her on my chest. I think it was about 5 minutes after birth when I asked for the cord to be cut. Her cord was very short and I was trying to pull her up to my chest and it was very uncomfortable because it was rubbing against a small tear I had on my vagina. The placenta delivered about 15 minutes later. After that we tried breastfeeding for the first time, Lucy quickly latched on. Then they checked me for any tears, I did, I wasn't surprised, I was pushing too fast and wasn't allowing time to stretch. Plus Lucy's hand was up by her face the whole time(no wonder pushing hurt so bad!). Ed held the baby while Amber gave me a couple stitches. After that I showered and Lucy had her newborn examine. 6lbs 8oz and 20 in long! We nursed once more before heading back home around 6/6:30-ish AM. Best day of my life. :)







Wordless Wednesday - Newborn Lucy

5 day old Lucy.

I can't wait to have one of these again.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Pregnancy: Week 24 (6 months!)

How Far along? 24 weeks!

Size of the baby? almost a foot long and just over a pound

Any new symptoms? nope, same old ones.

What are you craving? ham. Deli sliced ham wrapped around sesame breadsticks. YUM.

Total weight gain? 9 lbs!

Baby Bump? yes ma'am.

Movement? yup, lots of kicks or punches up top lately, baby is moving all around.

Gender? GIRL, duh.

Nesting? not this week, after all my nesting the week before I think I needed a break.

Sleeping well? never. Especially since getting this headcold. Hope I am well soon!

Buy anything for the baby this week? yes! Clothes, a baby bath, a crib bumper, diaper cream, blankets and burp cloths!

What are you looking forward to? breastfeeding. I really miss breastfeeding and I saw a lady nursing her 10 week old baby girl at the park yesterday. Oh bliss. :)

What are you enjoying the most/least about being pregnant this week? I'm enjoying all the baby movement. Feels like this girl is doing some crazy dance moves in there. I am not enjoying being sick. Headcold + pregnancy = no fun. :(

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Pregnancy: Week 23

Happy 23 weeks to me!

How Far along? 23 weeks!

Size of the baby? about 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound (like a large mango)

Any new symptoms? Yup! Got a lovely new one this week. I've been waking up in the early morning to "charly horse's". Awesomesauce.

What are you craving? fruit. I've been eating a ton of fruit lately. Nectarines and apricots!

Total weight gain? 9 lbs!

Baby Bump? Bumpalicious

Movement? yes lots of movement, mostly on the right side. Baby is in a new position too because I found the heartbeat on my right instead of over on my left where it's been the last 3 times!

Gender? GIRL, still.

Nesting? oh yes! I did a complete makeover of Lucy's room. It now fits two! :)

Sleeping well? nope. I don't even want to talk about it...

Buy anything for the baby this week? Yup, bought baby a little purple striped onesie.

What are you looking forward to? putting the final touches on my cloth diaper stash. It's almost "complete" and I can't wait to stop thinking about it until baby gets here and I can actually USE them. lol

What are you enjoying the most/least about being pregnant this week? enjoying nesting, I never felt this way with Lucy. Not enjoying the preggo aches and pains.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Pregnancy: Week 22

How Far along? 22 weeks

Size of the baby? about 11 inches long(length of a spaghetti squash) and almost 1 pound!

Any new symptoms? yes, my tailbone has been feeling like it is going to dislocate or rip in half. It sucks.

What are you craving? amaretto and almond flavored coffee and sweets! YUMM

Total weight gain? 7 lbs!

Baby Bump? oh yeah

Movement? movement is all over the place lately. I can't tell what position the baby is in. Kicks on my left and right, top and bottom. Feels like this baby has extra limbs sometimes!

Gender? GIRL

Nesting? yes, did more organizing in Lucy's room. Threw out a lot of toys and stuffed animals she wasn't using or that were broken. I'm attempting to make room in there for the new baby!

Sleeping well? no, never. Sleep sucks right now. I actually dread going to bed at night because I know I'm gonna wake up in pain. We need a new bed.

Buy anything for the baby this week? Yes, I bought 6 bumGenius One-Size All-In-One's! :)

What are you looking forward to? I'm looking forward to a lot right now. I've been day-dreaming about breastfeeding, dressing, cloth diapering, babywearing and just holding my baby. I can't wait!!!!

What are you enjoying the most/least about being pregnant this week? enjoying making room and plans for baby, not enjoying my stupid bed.

Monday, June 6, 2011

The "Blueberry-Baby" Song, Performed by Lucy Marie.

Lucy made this song for "Blueberry" a while back. It goes:
"I love you blueberry-baby, best sunshine, ever world. And I love you blueberry-baby, best sunshine, ever world."
Translation: I love the baby in mama's belly, like that song "you are my sunshine" and more than anything in the entire world.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011