Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Pregnancy: Week 24 (6 months!)

How Far along? 24 weeks!

Size of the baby? almost a foot long and just over a pound

Any new symptoms? nope, same old ones.

What are you craving? ham. Deli sliced ham wrapped around sesame breadsticks. YUM.

Total weight gain? 9 lbs!

Baby Bump? yes ma'am.

Movement? yup, lots of kicks or punches up top lately, baby is moving all around.

Gender? GIRL, duh.

Nesting? not this week, after all my nesting the week before I think I needed a break.

Sleeping well? never. Especially since getting this headcold. Hope I am well soon!

Buy anything for the baby this week? yes! Clothes, a baby bath, a crib bumper, diaper cream, blankets and burp cloths!

What are you looking forward to? breastfeeding. I really miss breastfeeding and I saw a lady nursing her 10 week old baby girl at the park yesterday. Oh bliss. :)

What are you enjoying the most/least about being pregnant this week? I'm enjoying all the baby movement. Feels like this girl is doing some crazy dance moves in there. I am not enjoying being sick. Headcold + pregnancy = no fun. :(


  1. Woohoo, congrats again on 24 weeks. :) I hope you feel better soon & are able to start getting better sleep. >.<

    That picture is absolutely gorgeous, such a beautiful bump. :)

  2. Aw thanks "due date buddy"! Happy 24 weeks to us. :D