Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Pregnancy: Week 36

How Far along? 36 weeks and 5 days

Size of the baby? crenshaw melon

Any new symptoms? I'm slightly more moody lately and my appetite has really increased.

What are you craving? nothing particular, all food is yummy. lol

Total weight gain? 22 lbs

Baby bump?

Movement? yup, she is a wiggly little thing.

Gender? girl!

Nesting? yes, I need to stop cleaning so much.

Sleeping well? yes!

Buy anything for the baby this week? Nope, nothing this week.

What are you looking forward to? having a baby.

What are you enjoying the most/least about being pregnant this week? I'm enjoying everything about being pregnant, I'm really gonna miss it when the baby comes.

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