Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Pregnancy: Week 33

How Far along? 33 weeks and 4 days!

Size of the baby? baby weighs about 4 pounds (as much as a pineapple)

Any new symptoms? Nope. Same old ones.

What are you craving? Falafel sandwiches.

Total weight gain? 17 lbs

Baby Bump?

Movement? yes. I think the baby has too much room in there because she still moves A LOT.

Gender? girl.

Nesting? nope. But I need to start prepping my newborn prefolds.

Sleeping well? no way. I dread sleep. Rolling over HURTS. Stupid hip pain.

Buy anything for the baby this week? yes I bought another newborn fitted cloth diaper. (I'm addicted.)

What are you looking forward to? Going to the chiro soon and maybe not having hip pain. :)

What are you enjoying the most/least about being pregnant this week? Enjoying Lucy's reaction to the crazy belly movements. This age she is at has been really fun.
Not enjoying my bitch of a left hip.

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