Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Pregnancy: Week 16

Here I am at week 16. I can't even believe it. Every week that goes by is such a blessing, I cannot even describe how grateful I am to be pregnant!

I am currently waiting on my fetoscope to get here so I can start attempting to listen to this little ones fetal heart tones. No.. I have NOT heard the heartbeat yet and YES I am super jealous of all you preggo's I follow on Twitter getting to hear your babies already! :)

How Far along? 16 weeks! (4 months)

Size of the baby? the baby is about 4 1/2 inches long and 3 1/2 ounces. The size of an AVOCADO! Yum

Any new symptoms? yes I have been having crazy dizzy spells when I stand up. I think I might need to drink more water and eat more frequently!

What are you craving? I've been going salad crazy. I went to Olive garden just to get their soup, salad and bread-stick combo, I had 3 bowls of salad. Yeahhh. And don't even get me started on HoSum Bistro's Combo Salads! So good.

Total weight gain? 2 lbs I think (but I didn't weigh myself this week so it could be more!)

Baby Bump? absolutely, it's grown this past week for sure.

Movement? YES! I can finally feel movement from the outside of my belly! Last night when baby was kicking I gently pushed back where I was feeling him/her and he/she kicked me! *amazing*

Any feelings about gender?
still getting mostly girl vibes

Nesting? maybe a little. I've been organizing Lucy's things lately, her room is getting out of control and I'm going to need to put some baby things in there.

Sleeping well? much better than last week! We got a foam pad to put over our rock hard IKEA bed and my back is no longer hurting me.

Buy anything for the baby this week? yes I bought the most adorable newborn Goodmama fitted diaper with owls on it. It will be perfect for newborn pictures, I can't wait. :)

What are you looking forward to? my fetoscope getting here, any day now!

What are you enjoying the most/least about being pregnant this week? I am really enjoying all the movement I've been feeling, I can't even describe how relieving it's been. I'm not enjoying the, ahem (TMI), constipation I've been having. Though it's not crazy bad, I prefer to be regular. :)


  1. You are so adorable! I am excited to see your pregnancy progress. :) I'm glad to read that you are enjoying every moment. :)

  2. Thank you!! I really am, it's wonderful and I LOVE being pregnant. :)

  3. I do not like to see that you've only gained 2 pounds, oh my goodness I've gained 8-10 (I'm 15 weeks). I didn't have morning sickness, I had all-day-starving-ness! Oh well.

    BUT it's interesting that you said you've been dizzy... I got out of bed last night and literally almost fell over. I couldn't tell if I felt dizzy because it was pitch black so I didn't have a visual frame of reference, but why else would I nearly fall over? I had to catch and stabilize myself to walk slowly across the room to the bathroom. Crazy! I need to start doing posts like this. :)

  4. Well it could be more! It was 2 lbs the last time I weighed myself, which was when I did my 15 week update. I don't have a scale(need to get one), I've been using my sisters when I'm over at her house. Ya the morning sickness definitely keeps me from gaining in the early months. But I'm sure I will start packing it all on now! :)

    Yes! Do some updates! I'm having a lot of fun doing these pregnancy updates, I think I will enjoy looking back on them.